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CMS applications are frequently used by more than one content manager or author (who may or may not know HTML) to collaborate in the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Website.

The features of a CMS system vary, but most include Web-based publishing, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval. Web-based publishing enables individuals to use a template, wizards and other tools to create or modify Web content. Revision control allows content to be updated to a newer version or restored to a previous version, will also track any changes made to files by individuals. In addition, CMS systems index all data within an organization so individuals can then search for data using keywords, which the application retrieves. Additional functionality, often identified as "plug-ins," "mods," or "extensions," can be added through the specific application's Website, and may include the ability to add picture galleries, forums, blogs, and more.

Not sure which CMS is right for you? Many times it comes down to personal preference.

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