Make Money Online, Website SCAMS! How I lost my 0.123 BTC (~$ 6,800 USD) to them (New Scammers:,,,

I’m going to tell you who suggested signing up an account on They were looking to buy a website somewhere around the internet.

Updated: My friend has been scammed in the same way on these sites:,, and

As you can see, they are all the same interface, they just change the domain names

In my case, a guy named Adrian Spaans (Email: tried to contact me to buy a website like this:

Hello. I want to say that it is a great honour for me to write an Owner of such a perspective website from an investment and further development point of view.  I would like to know some more information. I would like to talk to you personally and asks a few questions, but I’m on quarantine in the hospital and the Internet connection is not stable. Are you comfortable discussing the offer by email?  What is the asking price?


Then, he asked for some information about the selling website like normal:

Hello, I was really looking forward to your reply. Thank you for responding to my request. I am a Swedish writer and this time of Coronavirus and difficult times for real business I was thinking about online business. I keep my money in the bank account and I am thinking that it is a moment to invest and buy the online business. I can attach the proof of funds letter so you see that I am a serious buyer. I want to expand my opportunities, that’s why I want to purchase your website. It is perfect for my future projects. I have several questions:

1. If I buy a website, can you provide documents for the domain or sale without documents?

2. How quickly does a domain name work after registration?

3. What revenue can a site bring?

4. Can You change the design for me?

5. Is there a user base or mailing list?

6. When does the domain expire?
Thank you


Next, he agreed and even offered me a higher price:


I agree with your price. As I am a cryptocurrency trader I want to offer to make a payment for your website in Bitcoins. I am ready to increase the price double to $20,000 USD for your website if you will agree to make a deal through bitcoin exchange because I save my money in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is not a risky asset and is safe from coronavirus and theft. It is dangerous to go to the Bank or touch cash at the time of Coronavirus. I think it is the best way because the community began to panic at the time of coronavirus pandemic.
Therefore I am ready to pay money in Bitcoins. We can use USD – BTC worldwide rate calculator to consider the equivalent value of your website.
I will be able to make the transaction in BTC, it is fast and safe for me and for you because there is a secure deal service on the wallet, where I have a wallet and keep the money. I recommend making a deal with a secured deal option. Would you be so kind to consider payment in Bitcoins? because I reached the withdrawal limit on the exchange this month, that’s why I need to wait no less than three weeks to make withdraw once more. Therefore I propose to you to register the bitcoin wallet on I can make the transfers inside the site from my wallet to you without limits at any time. If such a method of payment is OK for you, please send me the number of your BTC wallet after registration. After that, We will start the secure deal and I will make a money transfer to you. Then You will withdraw the money, send bitcoins to or or any other, change to USD and put to credit card. The bitcoin rate is very high now. I’ll be waiting till you will have the money in your hands. Then we will close the deal. It is safe for both of us. There are no risks to pay securely with bitcoins and get it in cash. I am looking forward to your letter. Thank you. Adrian

As you can see, he wanted to make payment for the website in Bitcoins. He said that he reached the withdrawal limit on this month. Therefore he proposed to me to register the bitcoin wallet on

He tried to persuade me to register an account on for payment like this:

Thank you for your reply. I was going to make payment, but I reached the withdrawal limit on the exchange this month, that’s why I need to wait no less  three weeks to make withdraw once more. The limit is 15 BTC and I bought one store yet. In fact, I would like to buy the store these days because the Bitcoin rate is high these days. I am ready to increase the purchase price only if we will make a deal through the secure deal on, because I keep my money there and I can’t leave the hospital to make the wire transfer in USD, because it is prohibited with Covid. Please register on the platform which I have suggested to you. I do have my assets there, and it will be easier to transfer within one platform, lower commission fees will be taken. Moreover, your product is ordinary. Many sellers offer the same for lower prices. I can make the transfers inside the exchange from my wallet to your wallet any time first and will be waiting until you will have money on the bank account. You can send bitcoins to  or or any other, change to USD and put to a credit card. If this method is not suitable for you, no problem I will find the other seller, but I offer you a good price. Think over it and please, feel free to write your thoughts. Thank you and sorry for disturbing.
Thank you. Adrian

Inside Dashboard, you should see like picture below with the number of money he sent you:

But when I tried to make a withdrawal, a warning came out asked me to make a deposit of 0.019 BTC from any external wallet for verification like this:

I made this deposit for the first time.

But when I tried to make the withdraw after making a deposit of 0.0195 BTC, still the same that error came out.

So I asked Customer Support for help. After a while, they asked me to make a deposit of 0.05 BTC for insurance

They changed another warning asking 0.05 BTC at this moment:

So that, I made a deposit of 0.031 BTC more for insurance this second time (already 0.0195 BTC for the first time).

Of course, I was unable to withdraw. Another reason came out:

There was no other way at that time, I had to make a deposit of 0.0615 BTC (I wanted to make sure my deposit > 0.05 BTC)

It was still all the same with other new reasons came, I asked the Support Team for help this time, another problem like the picture below. They asked me to pay the fine of 0.1 BTC:

At the same time, a new warning was added:

All my deposits on

I did confirm with Mr. Richard Bowman CEO of THE LONDON CRYPTO EXCHANGE LTD as they are


You can find Mr. Richard Bowman here: is using all company name, CEO, and address of

For now, I lost 0.123 BTC in total for

But I am unable to withdraw my funds out here

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