Make Money Online The Secret to Getting People to Give You Money

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The people who have been able to succeed and continue to succeed, even when markets change and regulations put most out of business, are the people who have the ability to provide great value.

It’s all about delivering VALUE to others to make money online.

Customers exchange their money for value, period.

People, your customers, will give you money in exchange for you giving them value.

Do not ever forget this.

They seek value and your job is to provide it to them.

If you can acquire one skill, it should be the skill of providing value to people.

The other skill would be “sales”.

For now, understand that you must get good at providing value.

People buy products they WANT, not what they need.

Sure, they might think they need something, but likely they merely want it.

You do not need to sell products people need.

Most products or services people need are commodities and are regulated.

People need food and water.

They need shelter and medical.

People do not want to spend a lot on needs.

In fact, many believe those needs should be provided free by governments!

What most people spend their money on are “wants”.

Anyone can live in a $400 per month apartment, but people buy $500,000 houses.

Do they need that nicer house?

Do they need leather seats in their two cars?

Do they need 15 pairs of shoes or 85 different shirts to wear?

Do they need a wireless keyboard for their computer or iPads?

Online, do people need an information product on how to persuade people… how to lose weight… how to get more dates… how to drive traffic… how to earn six figures… how to grow beautiful roses… or how to improve their golf game?

These are “want” products, not “need” products, and these are the types of products most people spend most of their money on.

They see these “wants” as needs sometimes, but they are not needs.

Therefore, to understand value is to understand that people have perceptions of value.

Where most people in this market lose touch with value is by operating in a hasty manner.

They want to toss up low-quality stuff and hope people buy from them again and again!

If you can acquire the ability to create great value, then you can earn a fortune in direct response marketing, period. And, value is perception.

In fact, you should master this skill. It can make you wealthy for the rest of your life.

You should indeed master the skill of “how to create value”.

Forget about money for a second and just focus on value.

How can you provide value to people?

What would you love to teach people?

What topic or method would you even teach people for free, if money were no object?

Forget about money for a moment and just concentrate on providing value… on helping people solve a problem or get something they “WANT”.

In mastering the skill of providing value, realize that you can easily develop this skill.

Information is abundant and all around you.

One step inside a book store proves this.

Because you see, all you have to do is grab one of those books in that bookstore and learn what is being taught.

You can then teach what you learned to others… for a fee!

For example, you could buy a book on “How To Find Mr. Right”, read the book, take notes and learn the insights being taught in the book.

You can then buy another book on “How To Get Your Man To Commit”, take notes and learn the insights taught in that book too.

Now, you can take your notes and craft an outline of a report.

You can then either write the report yourself or outsource it to a professional ghostwriter.

Presto! You not only have a book of your own to sell now, but you learned the insights.

Those insights are now yours to teach for the rest of your life.

And, you decide to do just that… teach the secrets to date.

You become a dating coach.

You have a site, a membership site, a blog, press releases, articles, Facebook posts, and even conduct live online webinar presentations.

Very quickly, you have mastered those insights like the back of your hand.

You know them well.

You can teach this stuff in your sleep.

At any given moment, you can quickly rattle off secrets to dating to anyone interested.

People start paying you for coaching and you repeat these secrets over and over again, to hundreds of people over the years.

You’re now a guru… an expert… and making money is a breeze.

In fact, as long as there are human beings on this planet, they will have relationship challenges and you can help them.

To think, it all started by walking into a bookstore and buying 2 books on relationships and learning the insights taught.

Who would have thought that those notes you took would turn out to be a million-dollar business?

If you look closely, you’ll see that you are providing value.

This is something people need… err… want!

What can you get good at?

What knowledge can you acquire that solves a problem or helps people? What are you interested in?

Well, I know you are interested in making money online!

You could easily learn and then master how to get traffic with Facebook and then teach people that!

You can easily learn how to create effective squeeze pages and teach people that!

The list is endless.

But that’s not what most people do.

They buy a Private Label Rights product and toss it up online and drive some traffic to it, all in one single day… then wonder where the money is hiding at.

They buy a gizmo software program that promises riches overnight and then play with that broken software for a month before they finally give up and move on to the next pie-in-the-sky.

They never… and I repeat… NEVER focus on getting any kind of skills or knowledge to teach.

They are all in a hurry. 

They need to make money right now because the house is going to get foreclosed on.

There are bills to be paid and there’s no time to be waiting around to master some skill or piece of knowledge.

Speed is what people want and that’s what all of society wants.

It’s the microwave society and instant gratification world… the ADD world… we live in and when it comes to making money online, most people are no different.

They want that quick “hit of hope”.

Instead of being one of those people, who wants instant gratification, be the one who sells it.

Yes, be the one who sells “instant gratification” and not the one who is trapped by it.

Do not be the one who is blinded by the instant gratification illusion.

Again, what do people exchange their money for?

They exchange it for value.

Value is a perceived thing too.

Value is what people want, not what they need, even though they may feel like they “need” it, they merely “want” it. Sell “wants”.

What if you bought a product from me and when you logged inside the member’s area you saw one audio file and that’s it.

Let’s say the price of this product was $297 of your investment.

Do you feel like you got your money’s worth?

What if the audio file showed the audio to be 4 hours long?

Feel better now?

Maybe that’s still a bit expensive for only 4 hours of audio?

What if, on the other hand, you logged in and saw 16 audio files, each with descriptions and 22 PDF’s?

Wouldn’t that be more valuable for your $297 investment now?

What if those 16 audio files totaled 4 hours (total)??

What if those 22 PDF’s were transcripts of the 16 audios, plus a few more filled with affiliate links and resources?

Value is a perception.

However, if all 16 audios were terrible, you’d feel upset.

You’d feel like the $297 you spent was wasted and that the entire thing was a sham.

Therefore, value is what it is… valuable.

And, providing value is a matter of providing quality.

It’s too bad most in this business will never once provide a valuable product to any market.

They will spend years of their lives trying to make money online from home, but never once spend any kind of quality time in mastering one topic or lesson and teaching something of value.

They will constantly look for the path of least resistance.

I mean, if you cannot create a valuable product, then, by all means, take the path of least resistance and buy some cheap resale rights products and resell that, right?

Instead of wasting four years of your life looking for the quick fix, invest two weeks of your life mastering one topic.

Invest two weeks of your life mastering a technique for losing weight… or for lowering blood pressure… or for quitting smoking… or for improving your golf putting game… or for picking updates… or for writing sales copy… or for writing press releases… or for mastering Twitter… or on how to be great parents… or on how to manage your taxes… or how to invest in gold coins… etc.

Pick one thing and master it.

You are one skill away from six figures and that skill is “providing value”.

Forget money and ask yourself, what would you love to teach so much, you’d do it for free!

Then, get busy learning! Then, get busy teaching!

To think, Steve Jobs made billions by providing slick, sleek and innovative products millions of people really-really wanted!

They did not need those products.

They surely do not need the latest version of those products… yet people stand in line overnight to get the first ones off the shelf.

I’m convinced, if Steve Jobs would have created the Icar, we’d be seeing most people driving around with the same kind of car.

The highways and streets would be filled with these Icars!

Because he was a master at providing “value”.

There’s so much brilliance behind what he’s innovated it’s not even funny.

It’s mind-boggling.

Think about Pixar and the iPod.

Think about the media and how the media gave him free advertising on his launches!

Value is perception.

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